Heaven .... waited



















Baby Sabrina with her new family!




Homer with Lori, his new forever home Mommy!   Lori met Homer at Bow Wow Beach's "Pawfest", and knew it was a match made in Heaven!  This is going to be one spoiled dog!  He has a beautiful new bed, spacious brand new kennel, lots of toys, etc!  And to think, this beautiful dogs faced certain euthanasia at the Summit County pound.




Above is the pound intake photo of a dog, and being rescued by volunteer Heather.  Thanks to being rescued by Heaven Can Wait, "a dog" has become "Chuckie"!

Off to his forever home is rescue

"Chuckie" with his new "Mommy"



"Rico Suave" was a pound surrender.  Why, we don't know.  What we do know is that owner surrenders at the Summit County Animal Control Facility can be euthanized at any time.  With the pound being full, time was not on Rico's side.  Luckily for Rico, a Heaven Can Wait volunteer happened to be at the pound and a nice pound worker told her about Rico.  Out this little guy went safely in Heather's arms, went to the Heaven Can Wait House for some yummy food, and a 12 day quarantine, which is standard for Heaven Can Wait new rescues.  Rico can be seen in the last photo kissing his new Mommy, right before he left for his forever home.  For Rico, Heaven Can Wait!




"Andre" was at the Summit County Animal Control Facility for over two weeks.  He was very depressed and sad, until Heaven Can Wait saved him!  Poor little guy had an upper respiratory infection too.  Sick and sad.  Not a good combo.  After getting totally Vetted, Andre was adopted by a very sweet woman, who will love Andre, and make sure he is never sad again.



"Prince" was rescued from the Summit County Animal Control Facility.  Above, you can see how happy he was to get his freedom!  Next, Prince can then be seen daydreaming about getting a forever home.  At last, Prince's dreams came true!  He has been adopted by a wonderful couple, and even has a brother now!   




Rescued from the Summit County Animal Control Facility.  This dog was a total mess and smelled like stench.  He appeared to be a Cockapoo.  After he was shaved, a Miniature Poodle appeared!    Cream Puff now lives with his forever family, with a few furry siblings!

Heaven Can Wait rescue Baby Millie with her new owner!




"Booger" was rescued from the Summit County Animal Control Facility.  His owner had surrendered him, which meant the pound would only give him 24 hours to live.  Heaven Can Wait rescued him from certain euthanasia and got him totally Vetted.  "Booger" now lives with a wonderful family who see that this sweet dog didn't deserve to die, but just be loved.