Why we do what we do

(Pound photo)


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Boxer mix dog that was roaming the streets of Akron, Ohio.

He was picked up by an Animal Control Officer, and taken to the Summit County Animal Control Facility, also known as "the Pound"

He could have been euthanized after the three day hold period, but he was a very well behaved dog, so they kept him longer.  Day after day, he sat in his small cage, hoping that someone would adopt him.  Day after day, nobody did.  Most people wanted the puppies or the little dogs.  He knew he wasn't all that big, so he didn't give up hope.

People would come in and walk down through the kennel.  He would stand up and wag his tail.  "Look at me!  I am so nice!  I will love you forever if you adopt me."    But, one by one, they passed him by.

One day, some nice people from the rescue group Heaven Can Wait walked into the kennel with a poundkeeper.  He stood up, peeking through the metal bars.  His tail wagging, a little slower, but wagging. 

The people stopped and pointed at him.  Out of the cold cage he jumped, and into the hearts of Heaven Can Wait


But now ....... the rest of the story





This beautiful dog, named Christian by Heaven Can Wait, is now in his forever home.  Instead of sleeping on a cold, hard, tiled floor ... in a small cage, facing certain euthanisia, " Toby (his new name), sleeps soundly with the son of his new owners .... peacefully, soundly .... safely.


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